Manufacturing Years fo experience

A.C. Soudure’s experienced team of expert welders and assemblers provides a considerable range of fabrication services for all types of metal parts. We offer component fabrication services for custom made equipments directly on site such as elevators, conveyers and any kind of metal tool. .


For the industrial and commercial sectors, we can fabricate both basic components and extremely sophisticated parts for heavy equipment, plant equipment, port facilities, and more. We’ve successfully completed a great number of mandates in sawmills, paper mills, mills, port facilities, and a wide variety of plants in several industry sectors. We offer turnkey fabrication services, which means we manage every step of your project, from design to finishing. Our fabrication services include:

  • Flame cutting
  • Drilling
  • Material cutting
  • Assembly
  • Parts welding
  • Fixing
  • Machining
  • Mechanical welding


From port facility structures and heavy machinery to plant equipment, our team of specialists is available to build the part or component you need to finish your project on budget. We work closely with our clients’ engineers and other professionals to help finish their dream project according to schedule.